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  1. The Eclipse stingray is a beautiful freshwater stingray. It has a deep black color, spattered with specks of white spots. Though the patterns vary, these spots can be round or collected in a moon shape. The Eclipse stingrays can grow to be around 24 inches
  2. Freshwater stingray. Freshwater stingrays live in the Amazon River system and are one of the only rays inhabiting freshwater rather than saltwater. Though docile animals, they are responsible for more injuries to humans each year than any other Amazonian species
  3. This stingray species tend to be overly sensitive to water parameter oscillations, so it is often recommended as a pet for more experienced keepers. 4. Bigtooth River Stingray (Potamotrygon Henlei) Quite similar to the black diamond variation, this is often referred to as the original polka dot stingray
  4. The giant freshwater stingray (Urogymnus polylepis , also widely known by the junior synonym Himantura chaophraya) is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae. It is found in large rivers and estuaries in Southeast Asia and Borneo, though historically it may have been more widely distributed in South and Southeast Asia
  5. River stingrays or freshwater stingrays are Neotropical freshwater fishes of the family Potamotrygonidae in the order Myliobatiformes, one of the four orders of batoids, cartilaginous fishes related to sharks. They are found in rivers in tropical and subtropical South America. A single marine genus, Styracura, of the tropical West Atlantic and East Pacific are also part of Potamotrygonidae. They are generally brownish, greyish or black, often with a mottled, speckled or spotted.

As you can guess by its name, this is a large species of stingray that lives in rivers, estuaries, and other freshwater environments. The giant freshwater stingray is classed as one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. This oval-shaped river stingray grows up to 6.2 ft. (1.9 m) across and can weigh as much as 1,300 lb. (600 kg) Dasyatis laosensis, a new whiptailed stingray (family Dasyatidae), from the Mekong River of Laos and Thailand. Env. Biol. Fishes 20(3):161-167. Rosa, R.S., H.P. Castello & T.B. Thorso 1987. Plesiotrygon iwamae, a new genus and species of neotropical freshwater

Different Freshwater Aquarium Stingrays that you can choose from. This is a list of the different freshwater stingrays that you can find. Just make sure that you know everything that there is to know about a stingray before you purchase one. You just need to remember that each type of stingray might have different care requirements Towards adulthood, they will eat more vigorously. Info: This ray is very hard to acquire with the recent closure of the Brazilian exportation of freshwater potamotrygon. This is considered the smallest of the freshwater stingrays. It's pattern and body structure are very distinct, especially near the eyes and spiracles Five Small Freshwater Aquarium Stingrays Black Diamond Stingray. Black diamond is one of the most beautiful freshwater stingrays typical in the aquarium. The... Eclipse Stingray. Eclipse stingray is quite similar to the Black diamond stingray. However, the black in eclipse... Mottled Stingray..

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  1. stingray is very common in the southeastern U.S. and sometimes ventures into freshwater. In fact, some have been caught 200 miles up the Mississippi River. Individuals native to the St. John's river in Florida, however, spend their entire lives in freshwater. The Atlantic stingray is offered in pet shops somewhat frequently
  2. Potamotrygon is a genus of freshwater stingrays in the family Potamotrygonidae native to the rivers of South America, and sometimes seen in the aquarium trade. Like other stingrays, the fishes of this genus have venomous barbs at the base of their tails, and their stings are dangerous to humans
  3. Freshwater Aquarium Stingray Species. 10 best freshwater aquarium stingrays wild ian freshwater stingrays keeping freshwater stingrays types absolutely fish blogs keeping freshwater stingray venom varies wild ian freshwater stingrays
  4. A recently published paper in the journal Zootaxa has formally described two species of freshwater stingray from the Tapajós River in Brazil. Both species have been known to the aquarium trade for some time, the first being referred to as the P14 or Itaituba Ray, and the second usually called the Pearl Ray
  5. The Giant Freshwater Stingray belongs to the class Chondrichthyes, which includes all 850 species of sharks, rays, skates, and chimaeras. These fishes have cruised the oceans since the Paleozoic era
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They have excellent eyesight and leap out of the sand to trap prey with their bodies. The best tank mates for freshwater rays are other rays, although severums, Geophagus species, silver dollars, arowanas and bichirs are possibilities, as well. Different species and sizes of stingrays can be mixed as long as there is adequate space and filtration The White Edged freshwater stingray is one of Thailand's lesser known and rarest freshwater stingray species and is found in various rivers and canals throughout Thailand. Tambaqui The Tambaqui is an imported South American species which displays vibrant green colouration and large human-like teeth which is found in several fishing lakes throughout Thailand In the wild, the giant freshwater stingray inhabits freshwater areas such as rivers and estuaries. However, as this fish is not that easy to spot, catch, and study, not much is known about its habitat. It prefers areas that have sandy or gravelly bottoms, as it likes to hide under this layer, waiting for its next meal

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  1. So this thread is going to be discussing freshwater stingrays in general. About a month ago I purchased a teacup stingray for my community tank with Discus, thinking they would get along. Contrary to popular beliefs, the discus nipped at the ray's disc and killed it. A month layer, I've gotten a..
  2. River Stingray Evolution. It is unclear which group of marine rays the Potamotrygonidae evolved from but there are two main theories: It was initially thought that an invading species of himantura (one of the whiptail stingray genuses) colonized the Amazon Basin from the Atlantic (Garman, 1913, Bigalow and Schroeder, 1953)
  3. Three species of dasyatid stingrays in Southeast Asia are presumed to be endemic freshwater species or are known only from freshwater habitats:Himantura krempfi (Chabanaud, 1923), known mainly from specimens obtained at Pnom Penh, Kampuchea, without precise indication of habitat;Himantura signifer new species, described from specimens caught in the Kapuas basin, western Borneo, and tentatively.
  4. The Giant Freshwater stingray is one of Largest freshwater fish species in the world. Its size and power are tremendous and trying to land one of these giant freshwater rays has been compared with battling with a submarine. Fishing for the Giant freshwater stingray in Thailand can result is battles lasting several hours
  5. Almost all freshwater stingrays kept in home aquaria are from the potamotrygon genus. Potamotrygon stingrays are native to the Amazon River in South America. The smallest species of stingray in the potamotrygon genus is P.(short for potamotrygon) scobina which reach a disk size(not including the tail) of around 13 inches
  6. Hey guys. If you want a exotic aquarium, you can feed this amazing fish breed which is stingray fish. More people know them which live in sea. But one type o..

A new species of Potamotrygon is described from the Rio Negro drainage, Amazonas, Brazil. In spite of being cited or pictured several times in the scientific and aquarium fish literature since the 19th Century, it had been misidentified and still lacked a scientific name. Potamotrygon wallacei, n. s South American freshwater stingrays are included in a single family (Potamotrygonidae) and presents unique but poorly known biological and ecological characteristics, which represents a challenge to taxonomists. The family comprises 4 genera and 32 valid species

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Researchers fear the giant freshwater stingray could disappear before we've ascertained how big it can get and what other secrets it holds. While fishing pressure and habitat loss threaten it throughout its Southeast Asian range, another major concern is pollution, says Mabel Manjaji-Matsumoto, a marine biologist at the University of Malaysia, Sabah, who's been studying the species since. Center for Stingray Biology breeds freshwater stingrays for sale to aquarium and ornamental tropical fish trade. We breed Black Diamonds, Pearls, Marble Motoro, Boesemani, Galaxy P14, Designer hybrids, Big Spot, Super White Cross, Henlei, and more The ocellate river stingray, also known as the peacock-eye stingray or black river stingray, is a species of freshwater stingray in the family Potamotrygonidae

The most humongous freshwater fish you could possibly encounter might be flat. Too enormous to readily fully imagine, the Freshwater Stingray species Himantura polylepis is a relatively recently discovered monster fish that may measure over 14 feet in length and reach more than 7.5 feet in diameter The giant freshwater stingray is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae. It is found in large rivers and estuaries in Indochina and Borneo, though historically it may have been more widely distributed in South and Southeast Asia. One of the largest freshwater fish in the world, this species grows upwards of 1.9 m across and may reach 600 kg in weight The Mekong freshwater stingray, Hemitrygon laosensis, is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, restricted to the Mekong and Chao Phraya Rivers in Laos and Thailand; the occurrence in Chao Phraya is considered an introduction. Measuring up to 62 cm (24 in) across, this ray has an oval pectoral fin disc, a tail with both upper and lower fin folds, and a midline row of spine-like dermal.

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  1. For those of you who would like to dig deeper into the biology and husbandry of these animals, I would suggest Aquarium Sharks and Rays (2003) from TFH Publications. Yes, the latter reference is about freshwater stingray species, but it has lots of valuable information that also applies to saltwater forms
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  3. The giant freshwater stingray has the longest spine of any species of ray, up to 15 inches, and carries powerful venom. The animal uses its spine for defense and it can be lethal, but injuries to.

A newly discovered species of Stingray recently found in the rivers of Indonesia is in the contention of claiming the record for being the world's largest freshwater fish. Although very little is known about them, it is for sure that when it comes to size, very few species can out-compete them. Mekong Giant Catfish currently [ That is why freshwater stingray care is intensively about their diet. Having the majestic flat sea flyer in an aquarium at your home is not just about aesthetic, for you have a daily goal of reaching that 15-25 lifespan of this species

There are 500 species of rays and its cartilaginous cousins that fit into 13 same Family; 18 are species of freshwater stingray. They are creatures bearing exotic looks, moving in majestic passion, adding beauty to marine life. Around 220 stingray species are into groups of 10 Families and organized into 29 Genera A stingray weighing nearly 800lb has become the largest freshwater fish ever caught by rod and line. The gigantic flat fish, which was 8ft wide and 14ft long, took nearly two hours to reel in Freshwater Stingray | Buy Stingrays Online | Dasyatidae For Sale Online. We supply premium captive breed Freshwater Stingrays with CITES Permit worldwide Oct 28, 2016 - Hello one of my poster for my fishroom. It's the first part, i would like to made an poster with all the freshwater ray i'm not an specialist of stingray.. Orinoco AAA Grade Teacup Stingray (Reticulated) (5 Inches) $ 149.99 $ 119.99 Read more-13% Out of stock. Stingrays. Teacup Stingray (3-4 inches) $ 149.99 $ 129.99 Read more-20% Out of stock. Freshwater Tropical Fish Are Sensative To Chlorine! Reverse Osmosis(RO) water filtration for your freshwater aquarium

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Five new species of Acanthobothrium (Tetraphyllidea: Onchobothriidae) from the freshwater stingray Himantura chaophraya (Batoidea: Dasyatidae) in Malaysian Borneo. Fyler CA(1), Caira JN. Author information: (1)Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut 06269, USA. caroline.fyler@uconn.ed FRESHWATER STINGRAYS A Few words on origin, evolution, and original biotopes: Freshwater stingrays, as odd as it may seem, are much closer - from an evolutional point of view - to Pacific rays than to their counterparts living in the Atlantic.. Freshwater Stingray (Potamotrygon laticeps): Eh?I could actually have a freshwater stingray, you are thinking, and you would be right in that. While no freshwater species are known to have caused human fatalities, we know very little about the nature of the toxins they produce, and individual sensitivities may be a concern. Speak with your doctor and arrange for medical care in the event of an emergency before purchasing a stingray

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Owning a species of freshwater stingrays legally comes with research about the state you reside in. There are 10 states where these creatures are illegal to own by an individual. Permits to own a freshwater stingray in these states may be restricted to aquariums, zoos and research facilities for educational purposes There is no antidote or specific treatment for freshwater stingray venom, Brazil legally exported 68,600 specimens belonging to six freshwater stingray species between 2003 and 2016 The values for the biometric data on this species were much lower than that those of the four freshwater stingray species studied by Brito et al. (2015). In P. motoro,. Potamotrygon marquesi, sp. nov., is described and compared with other species of Potamotrygon occurring in the Amazon Basin. The identity of this new species is supported by an extensive external and internal morphological study including coloration pattern, squamation, skeleton and ventral lateral‐line canals Find the perfect freshwater stingray stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

A multitude of shark species, particularly inshore species such as the white shark, tiger shark, and bull shark, are the major predators of the Atlantic stingray. Fresh water populations are thought to be preyed upon by alligators Potamotrygon rex, a new species of Neotropical freshwater stingray (Chondrichthyes: Potamotrygonidae) from the middle and upper rio Tocantins, Brazil, closely allied to Potamotrygon henlei (Castelnau, 1855) Zootaxa. 2016 Aug 16;4150(5):537-65. doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.4150.5.2.. If you are curious to learn more about freshwater aquarium crayfish, keep reading! Here you will learn the basics about what freshwater crayfish are and how to care for them in a home aquarium environment. You will also receive detailed tips for choosing the right species of freshwater aquarium crayfish for your tank

South American freshwater stingray Upload your photos and videos It is an extremely dangerous species. Maximum length reported in Axelrod et al., 1991 (Ref. 6398) Annotated checklist of the freshwater fishes of Peru. Smithson. Contrib. Zool. (437):1-25. (Ref. 6329 The giant freshwater stingray's populations are decreasing rapidly throughout the Mekong River, but the Cambodian Mekong River is a healthiest home for this species especially in the area around. In the freshwater species she studies—whose venom properties are better explored than the marine stingray that got me—the venom of young rays tends to contain toxins that cause pain to the target Stingrays are venomous animals. While no freshwater species are known to have caused human fatalities, we know very little about the nature of the toxins they produce, and individual sensitivities may be a concern. You should therefore speak with your doctor and arrange for medical care in the event of an emergency before purchasing a stingray About freshwater stingray. It is said that the origin of all the species come from the sea. When you hear a word, ray, I think that most of the people imagine rays which swim gracefully and freely in the ocean. A lot of kinds of rays actually live in the ocean like you thought. However, on this website Mantenboshi, I write about the ones in the.

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This particular freshwater stingray goes through the most amazing and drastic transformation process amongst all freshwater stingray species. When born, the Royal Galaxy P14 has a light brownish base color and white spider-web like markings. The colors and markings on the stingray looks nothing near anything it would become when it grows up This species is known to be quiet fish and prefer to avoid conflict. Many medium sized to larger non- aggressive fish are compatible such as Arowana, Silver dollars, Peacock bass cichlids and Oscars are among many good companions for stingrays. Black Diamond Stingrays are the strikingly impressive freshwater species

Vertebrae: 120 - 131.Diagnosis: A moderately large and thin-bodied freshwater dasyatid; disc flatter than in any other West African dasyatid, its depth only 8.7-11.0% of disc width vs. 11.0% or more in other species; denticles on dorsal surface of disc highly variable, sometimes absent, always restricted to central portion; pearl spine absent or represented by 2-3 low denticles (Ref. 26277) Fresh Water Stingrays We at Chicago Stingrays pride ourselves on bringing in the best and highest quality stingrays from only the top breeders around the world. We hand select our rays, bring them in and ensure their health before ever considering listing them for sale The Mekong Giant Stingray is a species of fish confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Aquaria. The Mekong Giant Stingray, as the name implies, is a massive species of freshwater stingray that is found in various rivers in Southeast Asia, including the Mekong. The species is most known for its massive size, being 2 meters wide and weighing up to 200 kilograms, it is one of the world's.

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However, there are also species of stingray that have adapted to freshwater and that love to live in estuaries and rivers. An example of this type is the 'chuchos de río,' which is native to South America, mostly in the Amazon basin. Many people are afraid of this species because of their powerful and toxic barbs Stingray is the common name for any of the various cartilaginous fish comprising the family Dasyatidae, characterized by enlarged and flat pectoral fins continuous with the side of the head, no caudal fin, eyes on the dorsal surface, and narrow, long, and whip-like tail, typically with one or more venomous spines. Marine, brackish water, and freshwater species are known stingray species from this region. We will concentrate here on the onchobothriid fauna, which consisted entirely of species of Acanthobothrium. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four specimens of Himantura chaophraya (freshwater whipray), col-lected by longline in April of 2003 and April and May of 2004 fro The giant freshwater stingray's populations are decreasing rapidly throughout the Mekong River, but the Cambodian Mekong River is a healthiest home for this species especially in the area around Kratie province and Kampi, he said

This contains 17 species at present, We've included P numbers in the common name field in our stingray profiles. The Potamotrygonids are part of the only group of Elasmobranchs that have evolved to occupy purely freshwater habitats The study of stingray transcriptomics is challenging, since there has been little information about this organism published in the literature over the last few years, with freshwater species of. Inhabits sandy bottoms in estuaries and large rivers (Ref. 12693).Feeds on benthic invertebrates (Ref. 12693) and fishes (Ref. 32457).Ovoviviparous (Ref. 50449).Caught occasionally by demersal gillnet and longline fisheries operating in riverine and estuarine areas

Kolmann and his team of researchers observed two freshwater stingray species: Potamotrygon motoro, which also eats other fish, and crustaceans like crabs and prawns, and Potamotrygon orbignyi. You have a small or medium-sized aquarium in your office or at home and wonder how to make it more lively.This is easy: I have a couple of options on my mind and while these are nano species of schooling fish that are beautiful to observe they also fit the bill perfectly.But what are the best freshwater inhabitants for a tiny 3.5 to 5-gallon tank The giant freshwater stingray is one of three species of stingray that grow larger than 200 pounds. Other giants include the freshwater whipray Urogymnus dalyensis in Australia and the short-tailed river stingray Potamotrygon brachyura (which is likely endemic to the Paraná-Paraguay River drainages in southern South America)

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The Giant freshwater stingray had a wingspan of 2.4 meters (7.9 feet) and weighing it turned out to be impossible for the fishing party. A research project has now been launched by Dr Terry Bertozi of the Evolutionary Biology Unit of the South Australian Museum in Adelaide, Australia and the fishing company FishSiam in order to find out more about the elusive Giant freshwater stingray The habitats of freshwater fish species are threatened by global warming, mainly due to rising water temperatures. A 3.2-degree Celsius increase in global mean temperature would threaten more than half of the habitat for one-third of all freshwater fish species. The number of species at risk is ten times smaller if warming is limited to 1.5 degrees A new species of neotropicAl freshwAter stingrAy of the genus Potamotrygon gArmAn, 1877 from the río mAdre de díos, peru (chondrichthyes: potAmotrygonidAe) João pAulo c.B. dA silvA 1,2 mArcelo r.de cArvAlho 1,3 ABSTRACT Potamotrygon tatianae sp. nov., is described from Río Madre de Díos, Peru, upper Rio Ma- deira basin. The new species is distinguished from all congeners by a unique. A Stingray's stinger is razor-sharp or serrated! What is the lifespan of a Stingray? Stingrays can live for 15 to 25 years. How many species of Stingray are there? There are 200 species of Stingray. What is the biggest threat to the Stingray? The biggest threats to the Stingray are sea lions, seals, sharks, and other large fish

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BROOKS-PHYLOGENY OF FRESHWATER STINGRAY HELMINTHS 591 TABLE . II. Matrix listing 6 river systems in eastern South America and the binary codes representing the phylogenetic relationships for members of the hel- minth parasite groups inhabiting freshwater stingrays residing in those areas. Presence of a species in an are

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