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Jag heter Göran Yddal. Den nionde augusti 2019 kom jag fram ur skogen, ut på en lång omarkerad grusväg en bit norr om Malung, i trakterna nordost om gränsen mellan Dalarnas län och Värmlands län. The thing on the other side of the hole must be the cause of that, and if it still has that kind of influence, I can make only one conclusion: the hole hasn't stabilized because it failed to get through. It's because it already did. CREDIT: Riley Odell. Click HERE to check out Creepypasta.com's official YouTube channel. Advertisements 1 Day 1 2 Day 2 3 Day 3 4 Day 4 5 Day 5 6 Day 6 7 Day 7 8 Day 8 9 Day 9 10 Day 10 11 Day something My name is (violently scratched out), and I have no idea what's going on here, but all I know is that I can't do anything. If someone reads this, then I at least know that I won't have been alone. I don't know how I got here, and I don't know how you got here either, but I have nothing.

Do NOT listen to this if you have trypophobia. Or do. You know you come to this channel to get freaked out. What's better than to challenge a fear head on. E.. Scratching an itch on my back, I found a hollow the size of a tack head. At my bathroom mirror I rolled my shoulder forward. Next to my shoulder blade, on my upper middle back, was a tiny hole. No plug, like a normal blackhead, but a deep hole. I watched my finger in the mirror, prodding it Advertisements Estimated reading time — 15 minutes The day I found my first hole was the day my best friend came back from the dead. We were in high school and stupid. Jake was his name and we liked to go out to this old abandoned house in the woods Plot Holes Read More Det handlar en viss genre av creepypasta om, och nu kommer även liknande rapporter från Sverige. I veckans Creepypodden hör vi historierna om butiker nära oss, och nog finns där en spännande tankelek: om Holen. Hundratrettiotredje avsnittet, med fler berättelser om folktro. Hundratrettiofjärde avsnittet,.

Blasphemy! the crowd shouted not too long ago. The plaintiff heeded their suggestion and threw me in these catacombs, though more a labyrinth so far. The stench of these rotting halls nullified my senses, and fogged my mind. The means of my trial were intangible, accused of counterfeiting, and though it seemed the jury was in a trance, a rather lackluster hex. The utter enigma that someone. View all posts by creepypasta Categories Uncategorized 18 Comments. 18 thoughts on The Keyhole Leinad says: September 17, 2010 at 10:02 pm. Wow good story here its been a while ivent read a story such liek this n.n. Reply. YungJay says: April 19, 2011 at 9:56 pm Als ich schlagartig erwachte und tief Luft holte, drang mir ein muffiger Geruch in die Nase. Es war stockdunkel und stickig. Wo war ich? Wie spät ist es? Mir tat alles weh. Ich lag auf dem Rücken, meine Hände auf dem Bauch gefaltet, mein Blick zur Decke. Ich versuchte meine Gedanken zusammenzukramen, aber sie flatterten davon, wie Schmetterlinge im Wind. Danach zu greifen war unmöglich. I couldn't stand my house. Mom and Dad were constantly bickering back and forth.They thought I had no escape but to sit up in my room and read for a living. Secretly, I had plenty of other escapes and given that no one knew but me and maybe a couple friends of mine, they had no clue. The night time was my time. Dad was always passed out drunk and mom was long gone asleep. Every night this. Härom kvällen hörde en kompis av sig och sade åt mig att snabbt sticka hemifrån och dra till en bar i närheten, för att inte missa en spelning med ett band vi gillar. Jag sprang ut, hoppade på cyk

XD I'm laughing so hard hope you like it and should I make more:333 I do not own any of the music used in this video Intro:Carrie Underwood-The ChampionGlmv:Aviva:Rabbit Hol Something going bump in the night. A classic start which can lead to many conclusions.THE BEST CREEPYPASTAS 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf9cyvIUK..

The Event Horizon Telescope revealed an astonishing image of a black hole. Here's how things went wrong. CREEPYPASTA STORY by CreepsMcPastaCreepypastas are t.. Creepypasta Inlägg. februari 17 / Jack / Creepypodden. Creepypodden: Holen. Vad är det norr om Malung som drar och lockar? En forskare försöker förstå sig.

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  1. utes I'm hoping at least /x/ will enjoy this because it's probablt fucked me up for life. It's see
  2. I find it pretty ironic that this is my 666th video. XDWritten by https://www.unsettlingstories.com - http://bit.ly/2jgwBkbLIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE FOR MOR..
  3. Original Story: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/White_with_RedMusic:https://www.youtube.com/user/myuujihttp://incompetech.com/Email: thecreepybookworm@gmai..
  4. utes Nearly three decades ago, work had begun on a machine that could punch a hole through the fabric of reality. A hole straight through to another reality and beyond. The idea was that, with the right circumstances, we could find a universe with We Found Heaven, and It Was Empty Read More
  5. Characters used: Sorrow, Half Face and Hoodie. This is my 3rd upload today... uhm.. I don't remember what I was gonna say.. uaAaAAAGGH.. oh yeah, SOFIA BROWN..
  6. Nathan stared at the cold, gray ceiling of the room he was in for what seemed like ages, counting in his head the number of bodies he could imagine being sliced open and dissected bit, by bit, by bit. Eventually, he heard them call his name. Nathan stood and walked across the room to the only other door other than the one he'd come in from. He smiled under the mask he wore, a mask he made.
  7. Historierna i podden var de följande: Till helvetet och tillbaka År 1909 mottog en rysk psykolog i en liten stad utanför Perm, 140 mil öster om Moskva, en patient.Patienten var en man som hade dött under en operation. Historien är skriven av användaren Fierguy på Creepypasta Wiki och läses av Jack Werner

The hole was the same shape as the mole it replaced and was about as wide as a pencil. There wasn't any blood that I could find on my clothes or sheets. Whatever made it did so without breaking any blood vessels. Since I wasn't in any pain and the hole didn't look inflamed or infected I was going to wait and see if it would close on its own Not to be confused with an entirely different pasta by Josef K. You sit in your room, staring at the computer screen intently. You shift into a more comfortable position and resume scrolling through the web. Scratch. You look up at the softball-sized hole in your wall. Someone must be using the water in the adjacent apartment. You watch the hole for a moment before blinking and returning to. Author's Note: A special thanks to Barnabas Deimos, BladeTheCut, Midnite Marshall, ReignBotHorror, Soliloquy Man, and Stephanie Swan Quills for their excellent renditions. They're great narrators and they really should get more attention for their work. Additionally I'd like to give credit to Soundgarden as their music has inspired me throughout the years and continues to do so even after the. Dream within a dream within a nightmare..

Read Holen from the story Der Anfang vom Ende...? (Creepypasta FF) by meli_gbg (мели.гбг) with 332 reads. slenderman, sally, oc. Meli pov. Zuhause angekommen z.. Disappear Hole by Slimebeast (Slimebeast doesn't want any narrations/fan works of his stories monetized. Don't do it unless you want to cause drama) I guess you could say I've always been a little less than adventurous. Growing up, I didn't take many risks at all And beside the bed was a hole in the ground with a light at the bottom. I couldn't tell how deep that hole was, could be anywhere from a couple of meters down to maybe even a mile. The worst part was, there was no ladder down into this hole, whatever was down there was supposed to stay

r/creepypasta: The Creepypasta Subreddit | For fans of the genre to post original works, discussions, and more A Hole in the Ground. Creepypasta Story. Neither of us have entirely recovered from the incident yet. I expect that we will in time, but it is still a little too recent. It happened a few months ago when my boyfriend Mark and I decided to take a guided tour of a cavern whilst on holiday in Derbyshire This creepypasta was adapted to the cinema in 2016 and 2018, the first film adaptation was directed and written by David Lauren, it was released on May 22, 2016, and filmed in France. It was acted by Dylan Pedron as Michael Nevins and Ines le Poullennec acted as Karen, the girl that Michael encountered. And it lasts around 15 minutes The best creepypasta games that will haunt your nightmares. It's 2am and instead of sleeping you're looking for scary games to induce nightmares The Seed Eater is a strange humanoid being. It is unknown where he came from or whats his origin all that is known is that he targets and hunts human children and adults very rarely. Follow the reports of this unknown being. The Seed Eater wears a rag mask that has one eye hole cut out to see. The other one seems to be stitched. Its fur is dark green/brown long hair. The mask also has another.

I reach my left hand into the hole and a sharp pain pulses through my arm. I recoil, stumbling back. My hand is blistered, charred. The skin bubbles. The void grows faster now, sucking up the bed, inching toward the floor. No way am I subjecting the rest of my body to that black fire. I run to the door, the list still in place Advertisements Estimated reading time — 2 minutes A man went to a hotel and walked up to the front desk to check in. The woman at the desk gave him his key and told him that on the way to his room, there was a door with no number that White with Red Read More Creepypasta Story nsfw You're varsity now, Peters, Berkely Cohitch said. They had gathered in front of a non-functional showerhead, below which at waist height there was a chipped and battered hole in the white ceramic tile of the wall. Berkely gestured to the hole, stepping aside. Around Bryce the boys began to chant It was a rainy Tuesday in Big City and the Green family farm was eerily quiet. Too quiet. It was near silent in the house because, in the backyard, Cricket Green was digging a hole. It was a rather large hole. Deep enough for no one to escape easily and shallow enough for him to view the torment inside. No one quite knew why Cricket was digging said hole, but it couldn't be for a good reason.

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The Creepy Hole. Creepypasta. de_las_palabras_en_ingles_creepy.pdf: File Size: 97 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates I sit on a park bench next to an elderly man reading a newspaper. The man turns to me and asks me if I have the time. I look down at my watch.6:45 is read. I look up and tell him the time, but then I stop. He is not there. I look at my watch again. This time, it reads 12:09. I think to myself, wasn't it just 6:45? I look back up to see a storm brewing in the dark night sky. Thunder claps and. This legendary creepypasta has inspired a legion of copycat stories that all hinge on the theme of medically-induced inability to fall asleep. Sleep in and of is itself a horror hallmark,. The eyes were floating and there was a giant hole and I saw some small white things near the end of this hole and then I realized something The Hand wasn't a Hand It was a tongue and it was dragging me into a mouth Minecraft CreepyPasta Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community

There were rumors going around about some abandoned old silo that had loomed over the woods. The woods were located in the middle of a field of just dirt alongside the railroad tracks...not like anyone cares. It's an eerie sight with just, you know, sitting there looming over the woods with rust trailing down the sides. Anyways some rumored it to be haunted by like some old farmer who hung. I was exhausted. I had just gotten home from another day of forced monotony that we call a job. I wanted nothing more than to kick back with a cold beer and watch the hockey game. I walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer before shambling to the entertainment room. Still warm. Damn. I sat down in my comfiest recliner. The footrest sprung up, and I pushed the back down far enough so I could. The creepypasta deals with an image posted on an old bulletin board system back in 1992 called smile.jpg. Those who saw the image either disappeared or died, save for one Mary E.,. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy

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Biography. According to the story, a nameless woman arrived to the Cedar Senai hospital in June 1972, wearing a bloodied white gown. While this was not surprising given how many injured and sickly people come to the hospital each day, what set the woman apart from the other patients was that she had a mannequin-like appearance, and yet moved fluently like any normal human Before the virus was completely wiped out his last message was: I will take someone with me in my grave. Once he was wiped out, the virus retreated in his hell hole. Then Dave Skype called me that his computer was back to normal. But he had bad news. Evan died and he called 911 to revive him. They didn't make it unfortunately 16.05.2017 - ☠ Dich zu holen ☠ Creepypasta Gedicht german ☠ CP deutsch☠ Quelle: http://de.creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Gedicht Autor: TalijaFavole. Nov 6, 2017 - Explore Andrea Armendariz's board CreepyPasta, followed by 144 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about creepypasta, jeff the killer, creepypasta characters Tobias Toby Erin Rogers is the titular character of the Creepypasta story Ticci-Toby. 1 History 2 Personality 3 Miscellaneous Information 4 Who Created Him? 5 References Toby grew up with several mental disorders during his childhood, making it difficult for him to fit in with normal people. He was constantly bullied by his classmates for his tics (which earned him the insulting nickname.

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Creepypasta Story Dan was a city folk, he came to visit his uncles property since he died and all of his estate goes to you, you look around the vast fields he left for you (4 acres to be exact) looking for anything valuable you can sell, but when he reached the middle there was a hole I've always loved Cartoon Network, when I was growing up it was my favourite channel to watch. Even today it has some good shows, like Adventure Time and Regular Show. One of the newest shows on the network, The Amazing World of Gumball, is a cute and mildly entertaining show. Not really my cup of tea, it's a little immature, but my little brother seems to like it a lot. One day, I was. Orga, or Organizer G-1, is a monster that makes an appearance in the NES Godzilla Creepypasta. Orga, in his film debut, was mutated from Godzilla's DNA, and as such, somewhat, but barely resembles him. He is a massive kaiju, being larger both in width and height to Godzilla. He is hunched over extremely, with a hole on the left side of his body. He has two massive arms, each with 3 claws. He.

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Sometimes it's best not to explore the dark cave behind an urban legend...Story: http://www.creepypasta.com/devils-hole-cave/Music:http://www.youtube.com/myuuj I hope this first chapter was alright. This is going to be a general Creepypasta x reader fanfic. I want to make this book interactive, but that's a bridge I'll cross when I get there. Anyways, please let me know what you think!:) I'm excited to be joining Quotev with my first fanfic SCP-1162 is activated when a sentient being reaches into the hole to the depth that the girth of their arm allows, at which point their fingers touch a solid surface similar in feel to the current location of SCP-1162, and they discover an item small enough to fit through the hole below their fingertips The Scarecrow Girlis Creepypasta character featured in the story o the same name; The Scarecrow Girl. And is also a minor character in the comic series, The Seer. She was once anormalscarecrow., that is until her friend, thefarmer's son, brought hislove interesthome. Follow herjourneythroughbeing still and becoming alive. 1 Origin 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Facts 5 Videos Afarmerlived.

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  1. Google Images. The most comprehensive image search on the web
  2. Creepypasta is a collection of creepy, frightening, and/or utterly terrifying (and sometimes laughably terrible) horror fiction stories that originated from, and still are floating around, the Internet.The name itself is a portmanteau of creepy and the internet slang term copypasta, referring to pieces of text (most commonly long-form jokes) that are commonly copied and pasted throughout.
  3. The Hole | Minecraft CreepyPasta Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki. 2,755 Pages. Add new page
  4. rabbit hole creepypasta glmvhow to rabbit hole creepypasta glmv for Paola Frallonardo. 1 Rheumatology Unit, Department of the 1 last update 2021/03/28 Medicine DIMED, University of Padova, Padova, Italy 1 Rheumatology Unit, Department of Medicine DIMED, University of Padova, Padova, Ital
  5. g like The Lucid Hole. The Lucid Hole is a rare black hole that appears not in lucid dreams. These holes are holes that will take you to an alternate dimension
  6. Dec 27, 2014 - Explore Sonya Mahon / Piper Elizabeth 's board CrEePyPaStA, followed by 199 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about creepypasta, jeff the killer, creepy pasta family
  7. Neue Creepypasta Online, ich hoffe sie gefällt euch :) Viel Spaß =D https://youtu.be/tlA2eyLj80c https://youtu.be/tlA2eyLj80c https://youtu.be/tlA2eyLj80

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It's ok if you don't know much about Creepypasta! [Hoodie, Mask]|[Lilac Brown hair down to the middle back, black jacket, jeans, black boots, light blue left eye, hole where the right eye is supposed to be with a white light that looks like a pupil inside, surgical mask {underneath her mouth is mostly sewn shut},. One month after my investigation of SR142, I had given up. I figured that after the events of the previous investigation, there wasn't much more Disney could've hid in Duck Pond. Lord was I wrong. Once the newspaper arrived at my house, I brought it inside. I put the paper down on the table, and started to read. Infamous child murderer Harold Fquo has gone missing. I was disappointed. With. Hobo Heart. Hobo Heart is a male creepypasta character who has appeared in two stories, Hobo Heart and Hobo Heart: Stitches.Hobo Heart is a Gemberling, a Gemberling is a humanoid supernatural creature who serves their creator which in Hobo Heart's case, his purpose is to harvest a human heart that has been filled with sorrow and sadness He had a broken neck, and his face was completely torn off.Carmen Winstead describing a boy named David's death as a reflection of her own. Carmen Winstead is the main titular main protagonist turn antagonist of the well-known urban legend, Carmen Winstead: They Pushed Her. 1 Origin 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Powers and Abilities 5 Facts Carmen Winstead started off as any ordinary 17 year.

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I forgave my brother for trying to kill me. I understand the urges he gets, I've fallen for the same ones time and time again in the past, so who am I to really judge him, anyway?Quote from Liu. The story of Homicidal Liu, is an alternate universe version of the character of 'Liu Woods' from the popular 2011 Creepypasta story Jeff the Killer. 1 Origin 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4. This story, written and performed by YouTuber Chris O'Neill, is a parody of the creepypasta genre. The bone-chilling totally true tale follows Chris (from when he was a full

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During the middle of my time playing Minecraft random things would go wrong. From random blocks going invisible to all the animals dying at once. At one point I heard the noise of breaking grass from outside. Those will be stories for another day. I had already built my wooden house next to a cave. At some point in the early morning I jumped on the server. I felt as if I should go into the. Slimebeast is the FearFic pen name of creative dynamo Christopher Howard Wolf, though it covers more on occasion.Other usernames include Tormental in the world of YouTube Let's Play videos, and Motorhed in the far off past when he was the artist and writer for one of the first graphical multiplayer online games, DragonSpires. (Which was a precursor to the weird Furcadia. Item #: SCP-094 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-094 is apparently immovable, a research and containment facility has been built around its location (centered at 4 . °S, 6 . °W) in the guise of an Argentinian military research base. No unauthorized persons or aircraft may come within one kilometer of the site, enforced by joint SCP and Argentinian forces Made by An Enderman, himself [Ender]xXElectricXx(An Enderman) was always a good player and protected the weak and cleansed the evil. One day, he was corrupted and soon he was part of the evil. A new biome has appeared where his last known sightings were before his corruption. Dirt was replaced by some grayish grass block, trees were replaced by chorus plants and the sand was replaced by black.

Mr. Bear's Cellar is the main show of Caledon Local 21. According to the story, it had 31 episodes. Six of the episodes are described in detail. Another one, episode 24, is also mentioned, and the plot can be inferred based on info from the others. Mr. Bear is the host. He is a man in a bear costume. Sometimes, he only wears a bear mask and has an adult man's clothes. In most episodes, he. Addendum 472-045: Effects of Subsequent Exposure: Subjects previously exposed to SCP-472's effects experience a cumulative 10-20% increase in the speed of onset of certain of SCP-472's effects with each additional exposure. Eventually, subjects will immediately begin experiencing symptoms at Stage 2 levels, with Stage 3 occurring within 5-10 minutes

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May 3, 2018 - Do You Value Your Heart? My Creepypasta Hobo Heart---> Mr. Creepypasta Hobo Heart Playlist www.youtube.com/playlist?list= &nb... Hobo Heart Hole. 18th June is a strange figure seen in the YouTube video by the same name. 18th June is a steve player model - with no face. The first video on the entity is made by EndermanStalker. 1 Behaviour 2 Theories 3 Non-Youtube Sightings 4 Forum Encounter EndermanStalker has claimed in the description of their Close Up Footage of the 18th June entity. video that it hasn't attacked. It has just. BEN is the titular main antagonist character of BEN DROWNED, aka Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge (based on the famous game Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask), a highly popular Creepypasta series written by Jadusable. He is a sadistic and presumably omniscient entity who torments Jadusable throughout his entries. 1 History 1.1 Origins 2 The Creepypasta 2.1 Haunted Cartridge Arc 2.2 Moon. Despite that, this hole seemed to extend deeper than a pitfall seed should, and I let go of my controller to just give up and let her keep falling, as I felt she would be falling for a while. I had no idea what was about to happen to my character, what I was about to experience, and considering the fact the map was called Forgive Us I didn't terribly want to know it was a unusual game of among us where eris loris joined. But the game started.it said CREWMATE. Nothing but that. Nothing but text. i was weirded out. Then it said DONT SCREAM,HE'LL HEAR YOU. I was scared. then I thought it was a prank. Then a meeting was called. No one was dead. They asked each other if there start screen said you're lucky. then during the meeting eris loris died. I heard.

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Feb 10, 2021 - I don't care if I'm the last creepypasta fan standing, I will keep this fandom alive! ヽ( `0´)ノ . See more ideas about creepypasta, jeff the killer, creepypasta characters This scary character started off as a creepypasta, As she walked by the front door, she decided that a quick glance out of the peep hole would help calm her restless mind Alongside the wonders of the Devils Hole, there are also bad things... A lot of bad! Creepypasta.com. December 20, 2020 at 6:00 AM. After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, the power of the god coursed through Pyramid Head's body. Soon, the curse of Silent Hill was lifted and Mr. Creepypasta's realm started to fall. Pyramid Head's master, Alessa, did not mind this change. Soon, she would give her enemies the judgment they deserve. Notes. His Friendship is borrowed from Kabal

Nov 13, 2020 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube I live in South London in a third floor flat in a five story building, two floors above, two floors below. Being that I live in London I'm used to seeing people act drunk, crazy or violent; Especially at night when the nutters come out. But what I experienced two nights ago shook me to this very moment, so I feel I have to write it down in case my situation becomes more weird than it already. + rabbit hole creepypasta glmv 28 Mar 2021 To such criteria, laboratory tests that identify antibodies and genes related to each disease, such as HLA-DR4 and HLA-B27, have been added. The anti-cyclic. Note: This was my first ever creepypasta and also the first MYCUN creepypasta. Therefore, it should not be deleted. Have you ever heard of The Adventures of MYCUN? The animated crossover series that stars a boy named Gabriel Garza and features characters from movies and video games he likes? If yes, what if I told you there was an unreleased dark episode? I discovered it last week. Let me tell.

Read The Lucid Hole Ritual from the story creepypasta rituals by majora-moon17 (Majora Moon17) with 1,017 reads. rituals, horror, paranormal. Everyone knows lu.. Minecraft КРИПИПАСТА- Billy Minecraft Creepypasta. Second Encounter. 12/10/19 One player just created a new world to live in, but at one point, he decides to go down to the cave. In the cave, he finds an abandoned mine, and in it, he finds a sign. Submit your own or an existing creepypasta. Review Pasta. Help us out by reviewing new submissions. News & Updates; 14/Apr Regarding Pending Submissions I Looked Out of my Spy-hole at Night Short 13 Comments 21,918 views Rated 3.59 by 107 users. I Must Type This Sentence Tiny 38 Comments 19,241 views. Tobias Erin Toby Rogers, also known as Ticci-Toby, is the titular protagonist villain of the Creepypasta story of the same name. 1 Personality 2 Biography 2.1 Past 2.2 Becoming Ticci-Toby 3 Disorders 4 Victims 5 Gallery 5.1 Images 5.2 Videos 6 Trivia 7 Navigation Toby is usually upbeat and hyperactive. However, he can occasionally be a very sarcastic person, and he will occasionally be. The Trevor Henderson Wiki focuses on gathering information about cryptids created by Trevor Henderson. Everyone is highly welcomed to contribute on this wiki, as long as your edits are constructive, reasonable and valid. Before editing on our wiki, please take your time and read the rules. Thank..

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always watchingCreepypasta x Reader (Beendet) - Bloody painter / Helen
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